Edition of 100. 108pgs. Format A4. Perfect-bound. Risograph printed in flourescent orange and blue.

The second issue of Dolce Stil Criollo, "Beauty Is Our Spiritual Guernica," proposes an aesthetics based on embodied vernaculars of signage and play. Its contributors include Ramiro Chaves, Charity Coleman, Jake Davidson, Maryam Monalisa Gharavi, Cole Heinowitz, Felipe Meres, Silvio Sánchez Mújica, Ismar Tirelli Neto, Mario Santiago Papasquiaro, and Oraib Toukan, as well as custom hand type by Solenn Robic. The issue was published in partnership with Meli-Melo Press of São Paulo, Brazil, and officially released on April 24th, 2015 at the event Semidelinquentes.

Issue 2 is sold out. A few copies can be found in Brazil. A single copy can also be borrowed from Aeromoto (Mexico City).