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Border Theatrics (few copies left)

Border Theatrics (few copies left)

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Dolce Stil Criollo’s fourth issue is about “border theatrics.” It dramatizes the ways interpretation and performance create, destroy, sustain, and even entertain a border. Martinica Space collaborated on the design.

Year: 2021
Languages: Spanish, 
Portuguese, English and Arabic

380 pages
Edition of 450
170 x 270 mm
Print: BW and Colour Offset

Andrea Cassatella
Andrés Paniagua
Barbara Ess
Deena Al-Halabieh
Eduardo Kac
Gabriel Carle
Gustavo Paim
Ícaro Lira
José Acosta
Lucía Hinojosa
Natalia Lassale Morillo

Pedro Koberle
Pedro Neves Marques
Rolando Hernández
Tony Cruz Pabón
Varias Tatu

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